Elegant Table Mats

Introducing our latest collection: enchanting table mats in a palette of delightful colors and exquisite finishes. Elevate your dining experience with sophistication and charm.

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Being a sucker for home décor & tableware along with my passion for pottery is what gave birth to the concept of Oh Yay Project. At Oh Yay Project we believe in all things fun, bold, creative and colourful. All our products aim to make you go “Oh Yay” – just pure joy, happiness & fun stuff.

Our core value is to add the expression of excitement through our entire product offering & a burst of color to add liveliness to your homes.

​If it did not make your head turn for a second look then we haven't made the cut.

We truly aim to stand out and be the brand to look out for! We believe that all our products make you go “Oh Yay”

​Our brand values: cute-ness, fun-ness, happy-ness

Our target audience is anyone and everyone who would love to add a pop of colour and design to their home, but however we do not believe that anyone would give us a pass (something for everyone).